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New owners work magic with water

October 14, 2015

Article by Brad Quarin from "Shootin the Breeze"

There are new people behind the curtain at Water Magic, as Lisa Jones and Tim Gaydos have assumed co-ownership of the Blairmore business, joining Stacy and Michelle Ewen.

The change follows former co-owner Dale Pulkinen's retirement.

As the name suggests, water is the underlying theme of a business consisting of a car wash, laundromat and water coolers.

"We try to thrive on customer service and have an accessible business," Stacy says. Water Magic is a small business that is part of the community and gives to other organizations.

Stacy, Michelle and Dale started the store around 13 years ago, building it from nothing.

Previously, Lisa worked for Michelle and Stacy at Rexall Drug Store for 10 years, and then worked at Water Magic for a year as manager.

Stacy explains that Lisa was elevated to co-owner because she is a local person and hard worker who wants to own her own business. This is a stepping stone to that end, Stacy says.

While Lisa remains a face of Water Magic, Tim will be working behind the scenes with repairs, maintenance, planning and decision-making, Stacy says.

Water Magic is a good business with particularly busy summers, and plenty of regulars who use the laundry services, Lisa says. Many campers do their laundry here as well. There are 15 washers and 10 dryers.

Many of the services will stay the same. The business will still offer drinking water and water delivery, taking water for coolers to businesses and some homes. The car wash is the main part of the business and is in demand all year.

A new service being considered is washing cars for seniors, she says. Starting last week, the car wash is half-price on Tuesdays and staff will wash cards on Wednesdays.

Lisa will still be the manager of the store, but this is her first time venturing into business ownership and it will be a little bit of an adjustment. She hopes to keep customers happy and coming back.